Example Prices

Please note:

My prices (when stated) include the price of the parts.

Others may only be quoting you for just the labour to fit the item and the cost of the parts would be on top.

Bike Service is only £35 

Subsequent bikes serviced during the same visit - £30 

During a service I do not charge for fitting. Only the cost of the parts, which I can bring to you at the best prices.

I don't "upsell". If the part is needed...it's needed. 

I pride myself on bringing a quality service for the best price you will find.

  • Innertube supplied and fitted from £16 for one or both from £28

  • Gear service (cables, shifters and deraileurs lubricated and indexing) £24

  • Brakes Blocks front and rear supplied and fitted from £29

  • Disc Brake Pads front and rear supplied and fitted from £39

  • Wheel Trueing (Straightening a buckled wheel) from £29

  • Chain supplied and fitted plus gear setup from £39

  • Chain and Cassette supplied and fitted from £69

  • New Gear Cables front and rear (inner and outer) supplied and fitted plus gear setup from £39

  • New Brake Cables front and rear (inner and outer) supplied and fitted from £34

  • New Tyre supplied and fitted from £29 (2 for £49)

  • Bike Build / Safety Check from Online Purchase £29

I recommend the service as there are always little extras that need doing.

It’s only £35, which is very reasonable ( Halfords bike service is £50 and my service is more comprehensive plus you have to go to them ) and all parts are fitted free as part of the service.

If parts are fitted during the service (as is in the list above for example) then the labour would be included in the price of the service. Only the price of the parts would be additional, which is a much more cost effective method for you.

Here's an example: If you wanted a Service and a new innertube fitted it would only be the service price of £35 plus the price of an innertube(£5) , so only £40 for a complete service and new innertube. 

Another example is tyre fitting. If having a service at the same time I don't charge for fitting the new tyre, so a new tyre could cost as low as £19. Add that to the service price and you have a service and new tyre fitted for only £54

What’s included in the Bike Service?

Inflating tyres to correct pressures.

Inspection of brakes (Alignment and checking operation and effectiveness).

Gear and Brake cable inspection, lubrication and adjustment.

Setting gear stops and adjustment of gear indexing.

Check frame and other core components for wear and damage.

Checking that wheels are true and hubs, spokes, rims and tyres for damage.

Lubricating chain and checking for wear.

Checking front chainwheel, rear sprockets/cassette for wear.

Inspecting bottom bracket for play and adjustment

Checking bearings, crank bolts and pedals for wear and damage


Bike clean and Safety Check.

What’s included in the safety check?  

The safety check is a great way to look over the bike to make sure the bike is safe to use and is roadworthy and will be at least until the next service.

Everything above, mentioned in the service, will be checked as routine but also all the nuts and bolts and attachments you may have on the bike like stands, bike lights, brackets etc.

On occasions I’ve seen light brackets near to being hooked up in the spokes, which would cause an accident. On other occasions I’ve seen bike stands dragging in the back wheel.

I’ve even seen parts of the bike been fitted to the bike the wrong way around.

Part of the safety check is to go through the whole bike to check for everything, so you have the peace of mind that you have a roadworthy vehicle that is safe. It also is a great way to finely inspect the whole bike in minute detail for anything that may be needed to make your bike ride easier and more enjoyable.


What is a Bike Build / Safety Check from Online Purchase?

These days some people buy a new bike online because it’s cheaper.

It may be cheaper but Is it safe?

Has it been built properly?

Some cheap retailers put bikes together unsafely.

I have seen so many new bikes that are dangerous to ride or badly setup.

With the Bike Build and Safety Check, I come to you and ensure your new bike is totally safe to ride.

I also set the bike up, so it is working well and fits the rider better so it’s more enjoyable to ride.